Sunday, August 29, 2010

That horrible, greedy, bitchy Ex girlfriend

         You remember her the girl who bitches you out for no reason? Those times when she tells your lazy, inconsiderate, a jerk, or a prick.  The amount of control that she has in the relationship, just have that robotic, godlike grip she has on your balls. Ready to squeeze it as hard as possible untill you hear two loud popping noise coming from where your testicles should be. Cause I remember, oh yes I remember. Your special other, the one that tells you to pick up your sock, or to not miss the toilet  when peeing, or leaving the toilet seat up, or even not cleaning up the toothpaste when you are done brushing your teeth. Well guess what I come home from work after a 12 hour shift and I expect too have some time too myself, but no!!  You have to start with the complaining, oh do this oh do that. I'm fucking tired from working all day and it's not like you have a job anyways. You just sit home watching your girl shows, the least you can do is clean up the house. I go to work and make money, You stay home and work by cleaning the house that is totally 50-50 relationship workload. Like when you bitch at me for leaving the toilet seat up, I mean come on. I lift the toilet seat up when I pee and you put it back down when you pee that's totally 50-50 right there. I mean it's not like you leave the toilet seat up after your pee. Not only that but you always complain about the toothpaste every morning, I mean every morning we go through this crap. The toothpaste helps clean the sink  if you leave it on there long enough. Seriously this is just the top of the cake, because of theses small petty things I hate all women in general, that's right I am now a misogynist because of you. I now know why gay guys love each other and that's because all women are like this, they probably cant take enough of your crap you passive aggressive bitches. I know that face after you wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, and ordering 4 plates of food. And only take one bite from each plate of food. Oh I just took a few bites and now I'm full, you didn't even bother trying to finish at least half a plate of food. Those four plates cost me $150 your fucking greedy whore. Is this how all girls were raised to do, be passive aggressive, greedy, whoring bitches. That's right when I try to break up with you you have the nerve to try that crying routine, and then when that didn't work you tried that I wanted to have sex with you in a week if we still stayed together. Well I am not falling for that one again. Fuck all you whores and that self satisfying grin that you have on your face when you suck me dry, yes that's right it's just like this one above this rant, that's right fuck you all!!!


  1. gotta keep your back hand strong

  2. you're meeting the wrong girls, stop picking up bitches in bars.

  3. Just keep your head up, smile in tact, and backhand against her face.