Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Car Town is a very fun time consuming game that has been a huge success on Facebook. In Car Town you can create an avatar and start your own garage. From which you can expand your business enlarging your garage, hiring more workers and creating the garage of your dreams. In Car Town, you’re the manager of a garage who is responsible for all the affairs such as decoration, match, and cars show. Firstly, you are able to decorate your garage elaborately. In the shop, there’re multiplex things such as work bays, shop items, miscs, signages, chairs and tables to be chosen to decorate your garage. You can use such things optionally to create a unique work environment in your Car Town if you have enough coins. The higher your level is, the more decorations you can use. Meanwhile, with your level up, you can enlarge your garage so that more things can be available to use for your decorations.

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