Friday, September 3, 2010

CAR TIME-Tiny sports cars

The manufacturer calls these beautiful half-scale sports cars from the Porsche 356 to the Jaguar. These tiny little cars can fit an adult perfectly. Even though they come with a tiny 50cc engine you can customize the. Thats right you can customize them from any little go kart engine into a beast, and not only that you can choose from an automatic or a manual..You can also add extras, like leather interiors, race exhausts, wood rimmed steering wheels, or racing numbers.

On a side note though these things can rollover and when you are in them doing 45mph ready to flip on a turn, it is not going to be fun. Just imagine you go top speed in these things, going to fast into a turn and didn't shift your body weight, the tiny car and you roll over once, twice, no 7 times. Oh no your upper torso feels like it is being ripped from your lower half as you and the tiny car go tumbling off of the race track.with every roll the body of the tiny car is smash your upper torso in a twisted sadistic way.  You and the tiny car stopped rolling from what seems like an eternity, the ambulance in the distance. Carring you on a stretcher to be sent away to a place so you can recover from the agony of your broken bones with horrendous pain splintering from it. OH THE HORROR!

So if you buy one of these be carfull ok

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