Friday, September 3, 2010

CAR TIME- Ferrari 458 Italia recalled because of fires

So now Ferrari is recalling the 1,248 copies of the 458 Italia to replace an adhesive prone to catching fire.
This adhesive is used in the assemblies of the wheel arch and if it heats up it could possibly ignite.
Ferrari has received five reports of Italia 458s catching fire as some of those burning cars have become viral Internet stars.The Italian automaker started looking into the situation in August after
 five 458s caught fire in California, Paris, 
Switzerland, China and another unnamed location.
Ferrari is asking the owners of all 458s built before July 10 to take them to the dealership to have the glue removed and fasteners installed.
If it's too late and your 458 was damaged by fire, you will get a new one, Ferrari said.

Well it seems that something is happening to those Ferraris whether it seems to their cars catching on fire, faulty parts, or even just seeing their cars shatter into millions of pieces as it flies into a wall. Well what is safe to say is that Ferrari used to make good cars.